Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chairman’s words

Kyoto is an unusual city in the world, due to the coexistence of a wide range of manufacturing industries, from the traditional to cutting-edge.

For a long time the capital of Japan, Kyoto has nurtured sensitivity and technology backed by history and culture. Over the centuries, Kyoto has drawn in diverse peoples who, through diligence and dedication in their fields, have cultivated a climate of respect for originality and progressiveness. Kyoto has continued to create new value that brings innovation into people's lifestyles.

As in the example of SDGs being advocated by the United Nations, international society is now calling for the building of sustainable society and business. Whether for urban planning in harmony with nature, business styles and management ideologies that stress sustainability, or diversity of industries that promote innovative activities, Kyoto is richly endowed with fertile ground and wisdom for supporting future enterprises.

Based on the theme "Vivid Kyoto", this Chamber is aiming for development of new wisdom in Kyoto, by attracting people with diverse perspectives of value and by encouraging creative activity. We are focused on all-Kyoto support for advancement of your corporate activities.

I have high hopes for business development emerging from enhanced exchange between your businesses and Kyoto.


Chairman of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Organization Chart

Establishment October 1882
Legal Status Special authorized corporation in conformity with Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law
Membership Approx. 12,000 firms
Chairman Yoshikata TSUKAMOTO(Chairman, WACOAL HOLDINGS CORP.)
  • Atsushi HORIBA(Chairman & CEO, HORIBA, Ltd.)
  • Goro YAMAGUCHI(Chairman of the Board, KYOCERA CORPORATION)
  • Tsuneo MURATA(Chairman of the Board, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
  • Nobuhiro DOI(Chairman, THE BANK OF KYOTO, Ltd.)
  • Shigeru SAITO(Chairman, & CEO, TOSE CO., LTD)
  • Seiji TANAKA(President,Carrière International Co,.Ltd)
  • Yoshihito YAMADA(Chairman, OMRON CORPORATION)
President Hironao KOJIMA
Number of councilors 150


  • Introduce profiles of member companies
  • Support in organizing international conferences
  • Coordinate business delegations to member companies

Business in KYOTO

Kyoto is the historical and cultural heart of Japan. It served as the capital of Japan from 794 to 1867. The city is the center of much of Japan’s traditional industries and cultural forms, as well as many important modern companies.

Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) is a major economic organization supported by 12,000 member companies of various sizes dealing in all kinds of business activities. Our mission is to promote the advantages of Kyoto commerce and industry both domestically and internationally.

Business in KYOTO

Business in KYOTO


The KCCI is located a ten minutes subway ride from Kyoto station.
(take the Karasuma subway line to Shijo Station; leave the station from Exit #26).

Location KyotoKeizaiCenter 7F, 78 Kankoboko-cho, Muromachi Higashi-iru, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8565, JAPAN