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Promoting Kyoto as the City of Wisdom Industry

Kyoto’s strength lies in the fact that it blends “science and technology”, “traditional crafts” and “design”, based on the “wisdom for life” that people have had since ancient times, and the “wisdom infrastructure” created through collaboration between the worlds of industry, academia and government.

A business model will be constructed that creates new value and meets social needs relating to new ways of life and ways for the local community. This will be achieved through the deepening of contacts with customers on the part of modern people involved in manufacturing, design and service, while engaging in “collaborative creation” that makes use of the strength of each.

This mechanism of “collaborative creation” will promote new “fusions” and will create “Kyoto, the City of Wisdom Industry”.

[Extract from The New Vision of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, November 2007]



Using the wisdom that has been gained in order to devise inventive ideas that will be of use to society and industry, and in everyday life, and demonstrating creativity in order to create new value.