about KCCI


Services & Membership Conditions


Services provided to foreign companies

  • Provide data on the regional economy
  • Introduce profiles of member companies
  • Support in organizing international conferences
  • Coordinate business delegations to member companies and so on
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Membership Conditions

Regardless of their scale or line of business, any business that operates in Kyoto can become a member of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Companies that are located outside of Kyoto can become KCCI associate members. Associate members are not allowed to vote for KCCI councilors.


For a KCCI membership application please contact the Secretariat.
E-mail : kaiinbu@kyo.or.jp

Admission Fee


Types of Membership and Membership Fees

  • Corporate Membership: 2 shares (¥22,000, minimum) & above
  • Individual Membership: 2 shares (¥14,400, minimum) & above
  • Organization Membership: 2 shares (¥22,000, minimum) & above
  • Special Membership*: 3 shares (¥21,600, minimum) & above

*Companies or individuals not based in Kyoto
The KCCI annual membership fee and admission fee are both tax-deductible. Consumption tax is not charged on these fees.