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Main Businesses and Projects


Currently, KCCI has been mainly working on following projects.



Kyoto Brand Promotion

Kyoto has a number of resources and products that have become brands of excellence. KCCI promotes these unique brands by taking advantage of the city's great resources including its history, tradition, culture, cutting-edge technology, and tourist resources.

Kyoto Brand Promotion

In particular there are four fields (hospitality, environment, art & culture, enterprises & venture companies) that Kyoto is well known for and KCCI works very hard to promote businesses working in these fields.





Since ancient times, Kyoto has flourished as a cultural center, as leader of specialty industries and as a world-class tourist city. The KYOTO PREMIUM Project is a key part of the Kyoto Brand Promotion Project organized by KCCI. The goal of the project is to enhance the brand value of traditional Kyoto crafts in the interior design field. The city's dyeing and weaving industries will play a big part in the design and creation of products for modern lifestyles. The project's main activities are: new product development, identifying new markets, and brand promotion. KCCI, and various economic groups and government offices are all cooperating to make this project a success from 2005.


Invitation to the 2008 G8 Summit Conference in Kyoto

KCCI has, in cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City, been actively inviting government and other related organizations to the 2008 G8 Summit Conference in Kyoto. Based on the city’s many previous successes with international conferences, such as COP3 and the World Water Forum, we believe that Kyoto will make an ideal location for the 2008 G8 summit. The exquisite Kyoto State Guest House, a superb example of Kyoto’s craft and art traditions, will also be sure to impress conference participants.

Kyoto State Guest House

Kyoto International Conference Hall



The International KEITAI Forum detail

Kyoto is home to numerous world-class companies in the field of cellular phone manufacturing, mobile device manufacturing, and mobile-related software development, all of which play key roles in evolving mobile life-styles.

International KEITAI Forum in Tianjin

Since 2002, KCCI has sponsored The International KEITAI Forum (keitai is the Japanese word for cell phone) as an event for the world’s leading companies to come together and discover new business opportunities related to future mobility services and products. Many foreign companies, especially from Asian countries like China and Korea, have participated in this forum. In November 2004, the 4th forum was held in Tianjin, China which was the first time the forum had been held abroad.



Promotion of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Project

Hyakunin Isshu Project

The Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, consisting of 100 waka (short Japanese poems) by 100 different classic poets, is one of Japan's best known works of literature. To promote this work of literature and poetic appreciation, KCCI founded the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Cultural Foundation in November, 2003. The Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Hall of Fame Shigure-den has been
completed in January 2006 in Arashiyama. In addition, 100 monuments inscribed with the 100 poems from the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu will be built there. Arashiyama is one of Kyoto's most popular sightseeing districts.



Promotion of cooperation among industry, academia and government

industry promotion

Kyoto was a leader in establishing a network of universities, private corporations and government entities to create new industries and businesses. This network produces the creation of knowledge which in turn results in the application of that knowledge. This system works to promote the development of new technologies by utilizing Kyoto's rich network of human and intellectual resources.



Support for small and medium sized enterprises

KCCI offers professional consultation on legal, tax and labor matters to ensure solid company management, to provide knowledge about business dealings in Japan and abroad, and to give assistance on management practices to new businesses.



Support for business start-ups

KCCI provides opportunities to learn about the knowledge and practices necessary to start a business, and also give advice on management innovation. We established the Kyoto Business Model Promotion Center to provide consultation on budget planning and project management, to conduct research on marketing and patenting technologies, and to provide support related to venture capital investment.



Development of Southern Kyoto

We have proposed a plan for developing an industrial cluster which will create new "manufacturing companies" in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture.

Kyoto has a number of characteristics including a high concentration of universities, a vigorous entrepreneurial spirit, a wide technology base, numerous high-level research institutes, and various corporate support systems.

We have been in active discussion with local governments and other relevant organizations toward the realization of a new industrial base that would take full advantage of Kyoto's special characteristics.

KCCI also manages the Southern Kyoto Business Salon in an effort to strengthen the network among the companies located in the southern Kyoto and to provide them with opportunities for active information exchange.



Previous Projects in Cooperation with Overseas Organizations

The Establishment of Goodwill with the Florence Chamber of Commerce


Since October 2005, the goodwill between the KCCI and the Florence Chamber of Commerce has contributed positively to each city’s economy, including tourism, traditional industries and technologies. This is the second establishment of goodwill with a foreign city, the first being with the Paris Camber of Commerce in 1988.

KCCI Donates a Kyoto-style Garden to London

Holland Park In 1991, The Japan Festival 1991 was held in London to provide London citizens with a special opportunity to learn about Japanese culture. The festival that year commemorated the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Japan Society London which has been very successful in developing friendly relations between Japan and England. As part of the 1991 festival various cultural events were held in several places in England. KCCI donated a Kyoto-style garden to the Royal borough of Kensington and the Chelsea. The garden was constructed in the Holland Park through the efforts of local Kyoto firms, a garden construction company, Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City.