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Wise Manufacturing for Innovative Change in Kyoto

Chairman of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry

I believe that Kyoto is an extraordinary world city because it has been able to develop a global perspective. The people of Kyoto know what they must preserve and remember while at the same time pursuing new, creative lifestyles or business models.

Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over 1,100 years and is the center of Japanese history, culture, religion and the spiritual home of the Japanese people. As a result, Kyoto attracts as many as 50 million domestic and international visitors a year. It is a city of tremendous power built up over centuries. This driving force has resulted in a cycle of “creation and utilization of wisdom” which promotes the fusion of old and new, and the creation of new forms of industry and lifestyle innovations.

We call this 21st-century style industry “Wisdom Industry”. This is a Kyoto-style industry that is highly suited to the local characteristics of the city.

Based on the traditions our ancestors have created in the form of “wisdom for life”, or “wisdom for the local community” it is necessary to create new values that relate to modern consumers. Breaking away from the model of conventional mass production systems, we have to listen to each customer carefully and understand what they want. In this new stage, Kyoto’s practical “wisdom” in “science and technology”, “traditional crafts” and “design” will be a great advantage in realizing more business opportunities.

I believe that Kyoto’s strengths in the area of “Wisdom Industry” will play an important role not only in the domestic industry but also on a global level where “wisdom” is taken for granted as a key factor in adding value to new products.

The keyword “wisdom” exists in all forms. We hope this website will provide a deeper understanding of Kyoto as a city of intellectual industry. Finally, based on this understanding, we sincerely hope that you will be able to successfully establish meaningful business relationships in Kyoto.