Kyoto symbolizes the elegant beauty of Japan and is the cultural heart of the country. KYOTO PREMIUM is a new lifestyle concept that combines excellent craft techniques, exquisite beauty and modern design. A lifestyle that is as relaxing, natural and cultured as possible is come true by KYOTO PREMIUM products. They will surely change the way you live.

KYOTO is the cultural capital of modern trends

Since Kyoto became the capital of Japan in 794, the city remained the political, economic and cultural center of Japan for over 1,000 years. Though the city is still the center for most of Japan's traditional craft industries, it is also home to many of Japan's leading high-tech companies and new venture businesses. Now Kyoto's challenge is started to produce something new for the future generation.

Traditional techniques,expert craftsmanship,and tast

Kyoto is still the production center for Japan's highest quality textile crafts. The exquisite weavings of the Nishijin textile district, the incredibly delicate patterns and colors of Kyo-yuzen dyeing, and the fine textures of Shibori tie dyes are all world famous. The city is also well-known for the creativity and skill of its designers, production craftsmen, producers and consumers who have the sense of beauty. All these factors play a key role in maintaining Kyoto's position as one of the greatest creative cities in the world.



The goal of this project is to enhance the brand value and to develop new markets for traditional Kyoto crafts. Comprehensive promotion are in process,including new product development and brand promotion.The Kyoro Chamber of Commerce and Industry and various economic groups and government offices are all cooperating to make this project a success from 2005.


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